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LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

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LEED Phases do not directly correlate to the traditional architectural project phases; however, there are distinct overlaps in the planning and execution of a LEED project. As with all rating systems LEED requires large amounts of forms, proof, verification, narratives, and documents to be submitted for final review. Coordinating what is due and when is a large task that can add unwanted time and cost to the scope of a project. LEED is not just about designing and constructing green buildings. LEED is a certification process that requires a high level of communication and documentation. To ensure the success of your application, it is recommended to begin working with a LEED Accredited Professional as your LEED Consultant as early as possible in the design process. For maximum LEED credits, the project earns a LEED credit for hiring a LEED AP Consultant.

LEED Project Certification Management Services:

- Define project sustainability goals & project certification
- Design Charrette Facilitation
- Build Team Capacity/ LEED training for improving staff knowledge
- Green Material Sourcing
Create LEED feasibility reports indicating the following:
- LEED Project Schedule
- Documentation required per LEED credit
- LEED Drawings & Specifications
- Assign/track responsibility to relevant team member
- Create LEED Matrix-Track credit responsibilities through life of the project
- Performance evaluations and periodic project tracking

- LEED Project Registration.
- Manage the LEED Online design submission process.
- Provide support for LEED Specification & LEED Drawings.
- LEED Design Submission Document Review.

- Manage the LEED Online construction administration process
- LEED Construction Administration Services Coordination meetings with (client) and project team.
- Review LEED related project shop drawings/submittals.
- Provide final review of documentation provided by design and construction team members prior to submitting construction credits for LEED review.
- Coordinate responses from design and construction team members to the LEED review comments and resubmit for final approval.

Florida Water Star Residential & Commercial Certifier-Florida Water StarSM

Florida Water Star Residential & Commercial Certification Management

Florida Water Star

The certification program is designed to increase water efficiency in landscapes, irrigation systems and indoor uses. Florida Water Star is designed to provide beautiful landscapes and ample water usage... despite droughts and increasingly scare water. Drought tolerant landscaping coupled with thoughtful irrigation make outstanding yards virtually immune to drought and watering restriction. Carefully chosen plumbing fixtures meet your family's needs with less water.

DBGI serves as the Florida Water Star Certifying Agent and provides third-party inspections. We will be responsible for consulting with builders and developers to help them achieve their Florida Water Star residential certifications.

Florida Water StarSM can be effectively integrated into projects along with other programs such as ENERGY STAR®, the Florida Green Building Coalition's (FGBC) green standards, and the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) LEED program.

While many certification programs provide general guidelines for water efficiency, Florida Water StarSM is noticeably more detailed and relevant to Florida's unique conditions, and can therefore further enhance the effectiveness of other green certification programs.Make sure that your new Green Project is everything that you want it to be!

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Florida Water Star Brochure

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Specialty Services:

The following services are available individually or as part of the total engagement:
- DB Green Integration tailors green events, workshops, and webinars to inform and support companies on the benefits of green building practices. Our company will also provide individual green consulting services to private owners, architects, contractors, engineers or other business entity.
- To order a service or inquire about a service that isn't listed here, please call us at (954)515-9376 or contact us through our company's contact page.

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Optimize your water usage to be cleaner and waste less.


Increase water efficiency in landscapes


Install correct irrigation system design and installation.


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