DB Green Integration Consulting Projects:

DB Green Integration and The Heritage Continuum

In 2010, DB Green Integration and The Heritage Continuum consulting team began working together to develop a sustainable vision for revitalizing the neighborhood of Overtown in Miami, FL.

The team's goal is to create a neighborhood that not only is structurally sustainable, but one that will sustain itself over time and create an active, prosperous living space by honoring the neighborhood's historic past. To do so, DB green Integration is incorporating a sustainability plan into the strategic design of one of the new proposed projects named The Mahogany Place. The new facility will be a Residential and Commercial Building located in the neighborhood of Overtown. The new construction will integrate basic principles of smart growth, urbanism and green building practices. The team plans to use the U.S. Green Building Council LEED for Neighborhood Development rating system as a guide to assist the project's sustainable vision. The guide will place emphasis on the design and construction elements that bring buildings together into a neighborhood, and relate the neighborhood to its larger region and landscape. The team's vision for Overtown Historic Sustainable Revitalization project is to revitalize existing urban areas, reduce land consumption, automobile dependence, promote pedestrian activity, improve air quality, decrease polluted storm water runoff, and build more livable, sustainable, communities for people of all income levels.


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