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Welcome to DB Green Integration website, where you can be part of a revolution that is taking place all across the world. Much like the folks who began the industrial revolution, but did not realize that they were making history, the greening of our built environment in America has begun.

Green building incorporates environmental considerations and resource efficiency into every step of the land development and project building processes to minimize the environmental impact. Starting with lot development through the design, construction, and operations of a building, green building requires intentional decisions that positively impact energy and resource efficiency, as well as indoor environmental quality.

DB Green Integration's main goal is to "get the practitioners on the same page". We help our clients see issues long-term and help our teams understand green building and how the design, process, and materials all need to work together to create the end result of a healthy, sustainable building.


Client Testimonials & Featured Projects


Optimize your water usage to be cleaner and waste less.


Increase water efficiency in landscapes


Install correct irrigation system design and installation.


How to select water-efficient appliances & fixtures.

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