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Green Advantage Certified Professional Training Provider Spotlight
Lorna Bravo-DB Green Integration, LLC
Green Advantage Instructor, Lorna Bravo
June, 2012

"The Green Advantage Certification process educates everyone from tradespeople to project managers, from designers to presidents. It makes a team ready for opportunities...and that extra edge, in turn, has the power to inspire." by: Lorna Bravo

The Gold Standard

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Lorna Bravo Green Light Spotlight
Green Advantage Press Release

Miami Lakes Based DB Green Integration certifies the First home in the county to earn the highest certification for water conservation.

The Gold Standard

(July 24, 2011) Miami - On July 15, 2011 a South Miami home has been recognized by the St. John's Water Management District for meeting the highest standard of residential water conservation. The house earned the first Florida Water Star Gold certification in Miami-Dade County by making key home improvements that significantly improve water use efficiency. Among the home's features: No irrigation system. Drought-resistant landscaping. Four rain barrels capable of capturing a total of 950 gallons of rainwater. Low-flow faucets and shower heads in all three bathrooms.The Florida Water Star program is a regional program created in 2006 by the St. John's Water Management District. Its standards were designed to help Florida's homeowners save 20 percent of water usage indoors and 40 percent outdoors over that of a home built to existing codes. Read more:
Water conservation is gold for Miami-Dade family
Gold Water Star Home

Florida Water Star
The Jones Residence

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